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“Vanilla fudge brownies are REAL!”- Sara

Hey yall welcome to Sara’s crazy web page. 

“Got to have our magically delicious fiercely ferocious hot pockets while taking a trip to happy town in a car that smells like sunshine while wishing that there were clouds in our coffee.” –Sara

About Sara

Sara is from an extremely small town in South Carolina. Sara is an outstanding 10th grade student. Sara is on the honor roll and a member of the Interact Club, and fellowship of christian altleates.   During her free time she loves to shop, drive, and hang out.   Sara is a serious blond, and says the first thing that pops in to her head. She is fun to be around.    Sara has many awesome talents like she can touch her nose with her tongue, play the piano, and can count to one hundred with her shoes on. When Sara grows up she wants to be an accountant or a plastic surgeon.

More cool stuff about Sara
Sara loves spending her free time hanging out with friends and driving around in her blue Mustang. Sara's Mustang is her life. Sara loves to shop for expensive pocketbooks. Some of Sara favorite brands are Coach, Fendi, Vera Bradley, Dooney and Burke. Sara loves to go to Piegon Forge, TN, and Myrtle Beach, SC. Sara's favorite thing to do in Piegon Forge is to race go-carts. Sara loves to take out her anger by slaming other go-cart drivers into walls. Sara loves facebook, and formspring, so go find her. :)
Random stuff about Sara

“STUPID = Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand”

OMG my tongue is stuck in a pretzel. -Sara

B is for Boxcar.- Tall white boy

Here are some crazy pictures of Sara

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