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Briana Schoen, Student & Quote Collector Extraordinaire

"You can spell. You should be a cheerleader!" –Anna Mac




Briana is a sophomore at Cheraw High School and loves her family and friends. She is very dedicated to her schoolwork and can usually be found studying. She was on the English and Social Studies Academic Bowl teams for Cheraw High School.  She is also in the Interact Club and a member of the National Honor Society. Briana is originally from Cheraw, South Carolina and has lived there her whole life.  She enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, and watching her favorite shows on television.   She has two dogs, fish, and a turtle.  Playing basketball with her neighbor is also an enjoyed pastime.  She attends Midway Baptist Church and enjoys spending time with the friends she has made there.


Briana is a straight A student and is currently ranked 3rd in her class.  Most of her free time is used to study and do homework.  Her favorite subjects are history and English.  She also loves to read.  She is in the tenth grade and will be graduating in 2012.


During baseball season, Briana enjoys spending time at the town park. Usually, she can be found there every evening enjoying the games and spending time with friends.  Her favorite sport is softball and her favorite team is Alabama.  She also enjoys football season and going to the games where she can see her friends.  Once again, her favorite college football team is Alabama.  In the summer, she enjoys swimming and visiting with her cousins.  Her favorite vacation place is Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. She also watches a lot of TV and her favorite shows are Criminal Minds and Deadliest Catch.