My senior year has had happy times and bad times. Some of the happy times was when I would go out with my friends, or when my boyfriend would come over to my house. When I found out that I got in to the collage I wanted to. But the bad times had me down a lot. Such as when one of my best friends moved back to her hometown, or when my boyfriend for the past 4 year broke up with me. But other then those things my found myself. It took me almost most my whole high school life to find myself I did. Now I am so happy. But now high school is coming to an end. The people that I see everyday I wont see or talk to them. It will be so hard to say to goodbye to yesterday. All I know is were we been or what we been thou. I love my class of 2010 and they will all ways have a place in my heart.  


"The best journeys are not always in straight lines."

 I was born on April 3 1992. My hometown Wingate North Carolina. We moved to Cheraw, South Carolina when I was only 2 years old. I attend school in Cheraw from 2nd -12th grade. When I get out of high school I will be attending Clifton collage. I will be taking up Biology.