About Michele Rivers

"The best of Miche'Le Rivers life.”

My name is Miche'Le Danielle Rivers I was born in Charlotte North Carolina. I was born on January 19 1994. Then when I was four I moved to Cheraw South Carolina. And i been here everysince . Now I am attending Cheraw High School. Its a good school. The School is great i love being at this school. But to tell more about me i am the youngest child. I have a older sister and a older brother. I have two nephews and one niece.

All About me
I love the color pink and I love to dance and everything. I like to go out to eat with my friends and to go skating and stuff like that. I like being with my family. I attend second chance church in chestefield on craig street. And im the type of person who like to have fun and to make people laugh. Im a nice person I have a great attitude.


I have traveled alot I have been to alabama , michagan , virgina, new york,and chicago. And i had alot of fun as i traveled those places and I will be going to washington d.c and niagra falls soon.