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"Live Love, Laugh, and Learn."

My name is Tyrisha Ashlyuna Ratliff.  I am now a SOPHORE at Cheraw High School. I have 4biological brothers and one sister named Marquiez Reid, Marquise Reid, Rayont’e McDougal, Na’Zavion Ratliff, and Kalecia Ratliff. I have one Stepbrother who attends the high school with me named Octavius Bowman.  Fashion is really not my thing, I just like being comfortable in clothes that are plain. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like looking tacky either but all the bright clothes and flashy jewelry don’t impress me.

Life is like a party…so live it up!
My favorite thing to do when I am bored is watch TV. My favorite television show would have to be the Bad Girls Club, because I like to watch all the girls fight and argue with each other. When I am home on the weekends I mostly hang out with my friends or either stay at home and chill.  I am a nice person to get along with as long as you don’t push my buttons and make me mad.

Keeping up with the Ratliff’s:
My family is very cool to be with. My mom name is Jeanette Miller and she mostly like to hang out with me and go shopping. I love my mom; she is the best mom you could ever have. My dad name is Ray Ratliff and he works at ATI Allvac in Monroe NC. My dad and me do not get along to well but we are working out our differences.


Tyrisha Ratliff, Oh So Amazing.

"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live."

Never take life for grant because you never know when it’s your time to leave. Every day I think about how life would be without me on Earth. But then I realize that it would not be so great with out me.. Lol :/. I now realize that people don’t appreciate living on Earth. But me I believe that if you don’t value your life here then you are just taking up space and just wasting everybody’s time.