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About Parker Pierce

"Lets YACKLE!"


I like to do plenty of things and I believe that I’m an active person. One of those activities I do is golf. I am a left-handed, 47ish shooting, amateur golfer. I have to try and improve so that I can try and keep up with my golfing buddies like Alex Lanter and Jake Crouse. Another thing that I do is play paintball. I don’t play very often but I want to change that. Paintball is my favorite sport and I at least play it once a year for my birthday. Paintball is as close as a person can get to war and survive as possible. One more thing I like to do often is camp. With me being a boy scout I’ve gotten used to camping conditions and I like it. The final hobby I’m going to describe to you is underground so you should be kept quiet. The final hobby is YACKLE. The game of Yackle involves a four-pronged leather ball  (shaped like an x) being thrown around with a group of people either like keep away or Ultimate Frisbee. Please for the love of Yackle keep the game underground
I am currently a Sophomore in high school. I attend Cheraw High School in Cheraw, SC. I have lived here for all of my life and started pre-school when I was three. I went to public school at the age of five, going to Cheraw Primary School. I was on the Principal’s every single year in that school and was proud of it. Intermediate school was pretty fun and I enjoyed having a lunch and a recess. Middle school at Long Middle School was interesting. I was on the All A’s or A’s and B’s list all the time. Now that I’m in high school I’ve slacked off a bit and I wish I hadn’t. I hope to continue my education by going to college at College of Charleston and majoring in Marine Biology and declaring education as my minor. 
Random Info
Now I’m just going to list random things that some people will find interesting . . . I guess:
I am a Moutain Dew and Facebook addict. I am quite spastic (if I know the people I’m around). I spend a lot of time on the internet looking up information that won’t help me in life any way what so ever. I listen to all types of music and don’t really dislike any type. My favorite types of music include Screamo, Classic Rock, and Techno.