Bill Pegues, Student & Thinker

" Ignorance is bliss for those who don't want to know"

I’m an 11th grade student that occasionally in my spare time go over before I went through as what like to call “the unhinging” to see if there is anything else that can be taken away other than the intended knowledge.

" Insanity is allowing your mind to see new perspectives."

Born in the small town of Cheraw South Carolina. The last-born grandchild and the last birthed from my mother.
After completing k-8 I became interested in design it wasn’t until second semester 9th grade that I knew what design field I wanted to be in.

PERSONAL Achievements And Thoughts.

A rare achievement in my family is keeping your common sense but losing your major chunk of your sanity is nothing short of amazing in my family sense all of my family loses a piece of their mind to life or disease but a fairly good piece of common sense goes with it. Clarity and Perspective with the loss of my sanity my clarity and perspective rearranged them themselves to try and fill the missing gap.When my clarity and perspective rearranged I finally understood the use for opposing forces without the other it will just be a norm then the world will come to a stagnant then we will in a sense stop living.


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