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Chandler O’Neal, Student and soon to become veterinary Assistant




"It’s the thought that counts. I ought to know."-Edward Cullen

Award-winning daughter that loves her mother to death and respects her. I junior that am commented to her school work and try my best in school every day. I always pay attention in class so I never get left behide.

I love the movies, show, and I love getting on the computer that is my life. When I was little I always wanted to be a veterinary Assistant and I still do. I am my goal to become a veterinary Assistant.

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About Chandler O’Neal

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

My Family/Life
I was born on December 25,1991 and in Columbia. I have a brother named Colby that is 23 years old and I have a nephew that name Bryce and is 4 and my family means everything to me. I have a best friend I have known since I was in the 5th grade named Whitney. Then i have my favorite cousin in the world. named Hayley. I love Animals and I love my cat Peyton and he gives me a lot of energy and happiness. I want to become a veterinary Assistant some day. I love taking pictures of myself.


Movies/shows and stuff
I love to get on MySpace and facebook. I get on it everyday. I love watching a lot of show but my favorite show are Vampire Diaries and A secret Life of American Teenager. My favorite movie is Twilight saga. I love Watching soaps my favorite soaps is One Life To Life and As The World Turns. I like watching old shows. I love the twilight books very much.


I love lots of kind of music like country, rock, rap, and hip-hop music. My favorite would probably be Country. Most the time listing to music is when I am on iTunes or listen to my iPod. That iPod is my life because I have all my songs on there. I take it any time I go on vacation or anywhere.


Things that I can live without
I love pocket books. I cannot leave without. I love my family. They are my life. I love j-14 magazine. They are every thing because that is were I get the gossip from. My make-up my life too. My computer is my world. Everything that is twilight is my life. I am Robobsessed and Twilightobsesses.


My cousins Hayley and I are very close to each other. since we both didn't have sister she the closes to a sister. When we was little we spend all out time with each other. We always had our ups and down. We even fight like sister. We have alot in common,we are into the same thing.When now we are still close to one another.If i need someone one to talk to if would always be her.