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Welcome, Reader, to this website. Here Me, Myself, and I, seek to provide you, the Reader, with all manner of frivolous and trivial knowledge. If you are so inclined as to continue reading then please do so.

How to Use this Website

There are several things every discriminating Reader needs to know. The first is how to use this page. This is paramount to your survival as incorrectly using this page could result in dizziness, temporary blindness, and a sudden bowel movement. Do not use this website if you are pregnant or think you are pregnant. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this website. In rare cases, decapitation or death by squirrel has occurred. Talk to your dentist before using this website.


This website is the result of days of negligence and lack of skill and comprehension. Me, Myself, and I, seek to provide you, the Reader, with the most frustrating experience possible. We have much information about nothing to help you get nowhere as quickly as possible, such as:

  • Pointless Facts
  • Biased Opinions
  • Needless Redundancies
  • Random Nonsense
  • and More, such as:
    • a digitally remastered webpage!
    • an entire 3 minutes of deleted scenes!
    • updates from the moon!
  • Not to Mention, Glorious Stuff
A Word to the Wise

If you are having a pleasant day then go no further. Navigate as far away from this website as possible. If you are looking for thrills you won't find them. If you are looking for knowledge you will find none of that either. There is this website a lack of everything sensical and logical. Should you continue reading it would likely result in a grievous disappointment.

Buddy Christ