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A Few Words

"They’re not going to get me.”  John Dillinger

                  Welcome to Edwina’s website for her lame web page design class.  She is trying her hardest to make an A in the class.  Edwina is a hardworking student that tries to do her best always.  She is involved in a few sports such as marching band and softball.  Whatever she is doing, she’ll always be found around friends and having fun.


About Edwina


"I don’t think there’s ever a time where I step back and say I wish I was something different.  I’m doing what I love to do."  Sidney Crosby

Edwina Mathis is a 10th grader that tries hard to make it through high school everyday.  She plays as a centerfielder on the JV softball team for Cheraw High School.  Most of the time she is either at practice or hanging out with a friend.  She likes to hang out with her daddy at his shop on the weekends.  Also she likes to watch movies a lot.  Edwina has 5 sisters but doesn’t get along with many of them.  Her dogs Eris and Johnny are her favorite pets.  They love to sit in her lap while she gets on Facebook and surfs the Internet.  That’s about all she does while at home.  Edwina finally got her license even though she thought it would never come. She loves her grandma the most and her daddy second.  Edwina loves going to her mama’s house and riding horses.  While up there, mostly she fishes and rides four wheelers too.  At school Edwina loves working with Photoshop.  She has a fun time making crazy posters of people.  Edwina tries to have fun everyday and live to the fullest.