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Anna MacGregor, Student & Cheerleader



Anna MacGregor is originally from Birmingham, Alabama but currently resides in the town of Cheraw, South Carolina where she attends Cheraw High School. Her mom is Melody McLeod, her dad is Chip MacGregor, her step mom is Melody MacGregor, and her step dad is Michael McLeod. She has a step sister named Alexis and a step brother named Cory. She loves her family, especially her cousins in Alabama. She often takes trips to Alabama and Virginia to visit her relatives.


School is very important to Anna. She strives to make straight A’s and do the absolute best that she can. She is currently sixth in her class out of one hundred and ninety students and is in the National Honors Society. Also, she is in the Interact Club. She owes her success to her parents who have always pushed and encouraged her. She later wants to go to school to become a physical therapist or a chiropractor. Anna has not yet decided where to attend college.
Free Time

During her free time, Anna mostly likes to cheer. She spends many hours dedicating time to practicing and becoming better at it. A part of cheerleading that she loves the most is tumbling. She goes to a gym to tumble once a week. She hopes to become good enough to cheer in college. Usually, she tries to include physical activity in her daily schedule because it makes her feel happy and better about herself. She plays the bass guitar and when she masters it, she hopes to learn to play the drums as well. Anna enjoys watching and buying movies of all genres. Also, she really enjoys listening to music. One thing she picked up from her dad was video games. She has an Xbox360 and loves it. She prefers to play Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed. You can always find her with her phone. She is often talking on it or texting. Lastly, she likes to shop and hang out with her friends.

OH, and plenty of her time is spent discussing Chad with Briana.