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Sloan Jordan, Thrill-Seeker & Corazon de Leon (Lion Heart)

"Walk softly and carry a big stick."

Incredibly sexy beast with a great personality Sloan Jordan allows us to gaze deeply into the soul of this gorgeous, gorgeous man. Without this insight we would never be able to discover what makes this enigma, this CAMPION DEL MUNDO, tick.

Sloan Jordan has been an amazing gift to the human race since his conception in mid-1993. His gift to see the wonders of the world and expose others to what he has deemed the Palace of Wisdom, which to non-believers would be his amazing body. But not like that, Sloan is against exposing himself in public. However, he will start a party in public if the situation demands it.

Sloan is trained in jujitsu, muhi-tai, as well as monkey Kung fu and being the real deal sex appeal.

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