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About Jasmine Jackson

My hometown is Cheraw, South Carolina, but I was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have lived in Las Vegas since I was seven months old. Then when I was thirteen I moved to Cheraw. I have been living in Cheraw for three years now. I am making plans to move back to Las Vegas once I graduate. I am currently still in school in my junior year of high school.

Life in Las Vegas

I have lived in Las Vegas, NV since I was seven months old and have a lot of memories of Las Vegas. In Las Vegas there was so many different things for me to do. I had a lot of places that I have visited. My favorite place to go in Las Vegas was Game Works. Game Works was just a huge arcade that had every game that you could think about in there. My favorite game that I played was dance dance revolution. I also love playing racing games.


Other places I visited in Las vegas:

Palms Hotel
New York New York