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About Anttionette Isaac

"The best journeys are not always in straight lines."

Out of all the places I have travelled in my lifetime, my favorite place is still my hometown of Chesterfield, South Carolina. But I was raised in Cheraw after attending K-1 in Chesterfield, I then went on to Cheraw to finish out my school years.


I have traveled to:
Florida, New York, Charleston

Life in Cheraw
Is boring I have been here since 2nd grade. I met my first best friend in primary school her name is Chyna Williams. I found out that I also have a lot of cousins that attend Cheraw schools. My best friend moved away in the summer of 7th grade. When I went back it felt like I was playing a different ball game without having her here to talk to. I miss her dearly she didn’t come back either she attends school in Georgia. In ninth grade my other friend Jasmine came back from Los Vegas. I was so happy. My first day in ninth grade I was terrified.  Cause everybody was telling me that the upper classman dump the ninth graders in the trash. That’s not true though. I also couldn’t find my classes so I asked for help.

My birthday is April 18 1993. I am 16 years old. I have two brothers and two sisters.I love reading in my leisure time.My favorite arthor is R.L. Stine. I also enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend DJ and my friend Jasmine. My mothrs name is Antoinette as well but her name only has three t's. My favorite subject is Languge Arts. Math is hard to me unless somebody sits down with me and tell me how to do it.