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Poems You Should Read =]



For You.....

I've only known your face for a few months, but I feel as if I've known your heart forever.

You have already touched me in so many ways that I cannot explain.

You have convinced me that Im worth something, and for that I am forever thankful.

I know these feelings that I have for you won't last because, well they never do.

But just maybe your different...Different from all the others.

Just maybe your more than one of the many shooting stars that come and go in my life..

Just maybe.




Standing here, staring at your closed eyelids, holding your cold stone hands.

I am furious.

Insanely furious at what happened that night.

I was suppose to jump out of bed ready to see what Saint Nick had placed under the evergreen.

But all I got was a cold, hard, helpless body on the bathroom floor.

You told me you'd never leave me and you'd always protect me but you were wrong.

You'll never see me graduate, grow old, or go on my first date.

However I was ten then, a little girl who didn't know her left from her right.

I'm sorry for reacting the way I did daddy.

You were my hero.

Things have changed since then, I've cheated, stolen and even given away my most precious gift.

It seems now that everyone has forgotten about you. Your name is rarely spoken.

and I have no idea why.

You ARE the greatest daddy and I now know that your not dead, but your alive.

Alive deep inside my soul.

You are the cool breeze at the ocean and the morning dew I feel.

Forever I will cherish you....



You were my enemy and best friend growing up,

but now your just my best friend.

Over the years we have grown closer,

I feel as if I could depend on you for anything.

You have taught me to love myself and take no trash from anyone.

I know I'm aggervating but that's just my job.

You are my brother.