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. Katie Hatcher

Student, Friend, and Musician


Katie Hatcher might be one of the most amazing person alive, just maybe. If you don't know me you should definately get to know me. Some people would be lost if they didn't know me.

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About Katie

Katie is currently a student at Cheraw High School, in Cheraw, SC. She spends most of her time playing softball or playing her French horn. She plans to go to either USC or Newberry College in the Fall of 2011, and TECH in the fall of 2010 to further her education in the area of music. She wants to become a band director, and later become a player in a nearby orchestra.


"When I step into the batters box, the fans, the noise, the cheers, they all disappear.For that moment the world is just a battle between me and that pitcher. And more than anything I want to win!"-Mary Walters

Katie has been playing softball since she was five years old. She started catching in the 6th grade and has been an outstanding catcher ever since. She currently plays with the Lady Braves as back up catcher, and third baseman. In the summer time she plays with a Traveling team called the Rawtown Rockets.


"But if I didn't have to make money, I would still play my horn." -Bernie Worell

Music has been apart of Katie's life ever since she was born. She's played piano for eight years and the French horn for six years. During her time playing the horn she has constantly recieved high ratings. With recieving the top four chairs at region band and superiors at Solo and Ensaumble. She was also apart of the 2006 Marching Band State Champions. She definately plans to pursue a career in music.


"Families are like fudge-mostly sweet with a few nuts." -Unknown

Katie loves her family to death and has no idea where she would be without them. Her mom is a very strong lady and her brother, Collin, has become one of her best friends. They may not always like eachother but they will always love eachother!