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Robert Hainey, "The Wipe"

This web page is Robert Hainey’s web page made in his Web Page Design class for Mr. Morgan who is apparently The Slurpee King. 
Robert has been working along Cheraw schools for 11 years.  A beast from the south-east, he has been climbing the mountain to the top of Cheraw High to get out in the real world.  A savior considered to many.  His charisma brings a smile to everyone’s face.  The real Robert Hainey is exposed here.Mt.FujiRobert

Robert is fluent in English and that’s it besides some French.

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About Page

About Robert Hainey

"In life there are two means of happiness, music and cats.”

His life is filled with many of accomplishments from being a Modern Warfare 2 expert to saving a bunny by using CPR.  Coming from the small redneck town of Cheraw, South Carolina and on his way to graduating from Cheraw High school he still accomplishes amazing feats.  Balancing high school and saving his wrestling team when they needed him in the clutch is all on a daily basis for him. 


Life On A Daily Basis
Robert Hainey was born in the small town of Cheraw, South Carolina.  He has two siblings.  His sister Christian that is two years older, and David that is twelve years younger.  Robert’s parents are constantly yelling at him even through innocence.  After growing up to the young astounding man he is, Robert has developed many characteristics.  These characteristics are ones such as leadership, compassion, and bravery.  They have made Robert become a favorite around the school and of Mr. Slurpee King.  With hopefully many more years left, Robert will become the richest man on earth.

He ain’t gots no job!nojob

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