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! DrizzY DrE'Z World !


"Welcome To Drizzy's World d-_-b.

Welcome LemonHeads sit back relax cause your about to take a one way trip to the inside of my intellect and witness history in the making so get out your copy and paste, hold on to your mouse and put on a helmet because this ish is gonna BLOW YA MINDDDZ !!

I have been into style, music and sports since he was born. I have always enjoyed mixing music and being on some sort of playing field and make a statement just by the clothing that I wear. I gain recognition for his style and swagger everyday from peers and random people in the street.

"Your Style is Not Your Image it’s a Life Decision."

My name is Andre Gracia a.k.a DriZZY DRe. Was born in Brooklyn New York in the county of Kings on August 9th 1992.  Soon there after my throne was uprooted from the big city to a small town in South Carolina called Cheraw. I attended Cheraw primary through Long junior high school and moved back to the city after the 7th grade. I attended private school after private school until I ended back up in Cheraw 5 years later.  


Other than style?
I love to play sports, race cars, work on cars you name it when it comes to a car i love to do it. I drive a 1997 Honda Accord i am actually in the process of modifying it putting in a cold air intake and a flowmaster to not only make it ROAR but to also make it faster and give it the power that i would get with a strait drive.

 After High School which is just a couple of months away i will be hopefully attending Coastal Carolina University in Conway South Carolina. Its going to be an experience that i will hopefully never forget. At coastal I will hopefully be pole vaulting for their track team but first i have to hit at least 12" ft. Ill make it these things just take some time.

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