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MC Gallion, best known as McChicken

“Up in my office with my hand on my coronas”

Well know reveals his sensibility for colors. MC has a passion for dogs, girls, and good yumeako well known home cooked meals. She knows how to cook a mean steak. And my baby Tasha be whipping around town in the new green Lexus. I have shotgun that whole time.

M.C. Gallion has not begun his professional career, yet. He plans on being a computer software engineer. If that do not work he plan on being a physical therapist.

Follow M.C. on MySpace. Just search for McChicken and you can find me.


About M.C.

"Workout in my office which means I’m fit for Business”

Out of all the places M.C. has travelled, her favorite place is Atlanta, Georgia. He goes there every summer to spend some time with his aunt, uncle, and baby cousin. And to get out of the boring town of Cheraw. After attending Morven Elementary School, MC then moved to Cheraw, South Carolina. He is currently a student at Cheraw High School.  I used to run track for the Cheraw Braves. I’m in a little crew called Super Hero Jerk Squad. My two homeboys Zay and Rock.

MC personality has gotten him in some trouble over the 15 years that he has been born. He is an out spoken person and do like to take no

stuff from anybody. He likes to go shopping and to chill with his family and friends.

Recent actions:
Took picture in Web Page Design. March 2010
Read a couple of books. February 2010


MC has been to the following states:
Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tenseness, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, New Jersey


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