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Background Information

Cam “The Man” Eddins, Swagger Jacker & Prankster

"I Believe Gravity is Racist."- Cam

Award-winning prankster C-Shake reveals his insensibility for people and insects. A passion for pranking leads him to produce pranks on all kinds of things even the ozone layer. In a time of cultural globalization one can often find him pranking on the remnants of our past.

C-Dog has been a professional prankster and passionate swagger jacker for over sixteen years. His work appears on The Food Network, WBTW, ESPN Deportes, Cartoon Network, MTV 2, C-Span 1 & 2, Oxygen, Lifetime, Nick Jr., FX, ABC, Versus, CNN, TV Guide, Speed, TNT, Ion, and many more.

C-Cizzle is conversationally fluent in Gibberish.

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About Me

About Cam Dog

"The Difference Between a Dunk and a Layup is Zero Points."- Cam

Mr. Eddins is a crazy ol’ guy with no life.  He grew up around idiots (Sloan and Garrett) and he happened to turn out the same way but successful.  It was hard to get out of Cheraw but with the Internet anything is possible to get you well known.  One day Cam Lamb decided to dunk on Sloan while doing a windmill fade away and it really was an eye opening experience for him.  He then knew he was going to be something.

Cam Son got his start from a huge prank he did on Mr. Morgan.  He can’t quite recall the huge prank but he knows it happened.  Some dudes named Big Richard and Jack Ayecock came and gave him a chance.  C Stuff took that chance and ran…five feet then asked for oxygen and a piece of cake.  Okay it wasn’t that dramatic.  “Some stuff happened.” He said.  Look where he is now.

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