Kedarian Drake Skill Athlete

My name is Kedarian Drake and I'm 16 years old and I like to play sports. My favorite sport is Football, My positions were running back and wide reciever. I like catching the ball better then running it.

I like Basketball also because I like to shoot and cross pepole up. One day I would like to see my self dunking in High school, I like to show my Athletic ablitly and all my skills. In basketball I like to tell pepole to get up when I be grabing rebounds and laying up the ball. It was a hard decsion to pick between football and basketball because they both are fun but I like football better.

In football I like to juke pepole out when I was at running back and stif arm pepole. When I was at Wide out I like to jump higher then the other defender and grab the ball and catch interceptions and all. My favorite play at running back was 55 crossbuck, my favorite wide out play was the jet right hook and laterall.

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