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Web Design and Development

"I used to get mad at my school, teachers that taught me weren't cool. You're holding me down, turning me around, filling me up with your rules!" ~ McCartney/Lennon

Rebecca MarshAfter weeks of learning web design using Adobe Dreamweaver, students were given an opportunity to build their own personal websites.

During our tutorial lessons, students learned to: stylize content with CSS to control appearance and layout; create reusable items by making Library items stored as Assets; insert photos and SWF Flash content; create user interactivity by inserting Spry objects and widgets.

For their personal sites, students were required to have four basic basic pages: Home, Photos, Cheraw High, and Contact. Any additional pages were created for extra credit or for personal interest.

Below you can find web pages made by student's in Mr. Morgan's Web Design and Development Classes during the Spring semester of 2010.






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